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After my last post, I got quite a bit of feedback from people that they didn't actually want to shut the game down. And in fact, I'm quite happy to keep it up and running and also act as a sort of "project manager" if people wish to contribute bug fixes and so on. So in that vein, War Worlds is not going to be shut down.

However, you will have noticed over the last few months that there basically hasn't been any updates to the game at all. That's kind of a shame, but I'm hoping I can continue to contribute to the game, though perhaps at a slower pace than before (that's probably a good thing, I wouldn't want to burn out all over again!). As mentioned in the previous post, the complete source code for the game has been published on Github, and I'm more than happy to accept patches from anybody willing to contibute.

If you're not a programmer or artist and you can't contibute materially to the game, then I'm also in quite a bit of need of financial assistence to keep the server up & running. I have considered in the past moving to a cheaper host, but in the end, I stick with Google for a few reasons:

  1. They're fast. War Worlds is surprisingly CPU-intensive, and I need at least a few cores available to have decent response times,
  2. They're extremely reliable. I haven't touched the servers once in the last two months, and they're still humming along quite nicely.

In any case, what this basically means is, I'm always in need of financial assistence, there's two ways you can help with that. One is by purchasing in-game items (rename stars, and so on). But that gives a 30% cut straight to Google. Another way that I've just introduced, is the PayPal "Donate" button you can see at the top of the page here. Here is the button again, in case you missed it:

Click it. Donate. It really helps :-)

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