Building War Worlds

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Below are instructions on how to get the code for War Worlds, how to build a local server, get it up and running, and also build a client that will connect to that server.


You will need the following installed on your machine before you begin:

  • Eclipse + Android SDK
  • Postgresql (I use 9.3, but any recent version should work)
  • Java JDK 1.7+

Getting the Code

The code is available from Github:

If you plan on contributing code back, I recommend you start by forking the repository by clicking the "Fork" button on that page. For the purposes of this walkthrough, I'm going to assume you haven't done that, but if you do, simply replace all instances of "codeka" with your username below.

$ cd ~/src
$ mkdir wwmmo && cd wwmmo
$ git clone code

This will take a while as it downloads the code, but once complete you'll be ready to create your database.

Creating a Database


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