War Worlds Alpha now available on the Play Store!

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Well, it's been a long one-and-a-half years, but War Worlds is finally ready for "release". You can now download War Worlds on the Google Play store:

Now, there's still features to be implemented, and probably bugs, too. There's only so much testing one guy with a limited set of devices can do after all. So please understand if you do download the game to be a little bit patient and absolutely contact me with any bug reports or feature requests!

I've written a fairly comprehensive Getting Started guide, which I highly recommend you take a look through before firing up the game for the first time (or read and play along is probably a better idea). The Getting Started guide only covers the first few stars you'll colonize and doesn't cover what happens when you encounter another human player in the game: that's up to you to decide!

I would also encourage anybody getting started with the game at this early stage to get involved in the mailing list. I will be setting up forums here for general discussion in the future, but for now definitely sign up for the war-worlds-testers@googlegroups.com mailing list to get involved!

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