War Worlds site opened

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This is the website for War Worlds! If you've been following along, War Worlds used to be a real-time strategy game that I was developing for PC. Well that game is now on hold and instead I'm working on an MMO strategy game for Android! I'll be blogging here as I make progress.

You'll notice on the top of this page is my current "todo" list. The game is obviously a looong way from completion, and I feel like I need this list just to keep everything sorted out in my head. The list is sorted in the approximate order that I plan to work on things. As I finish each major feature, I'll be doing a blog post about it, linking to it from the todo-list.

As time goes on, I'll also be including links to screen-shots, videos and other media. For now, really just the teaser of the startup screen.

Please enjoy, and if you've got any comments or questions, feel free to leave a comment!

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