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The wormholes have landed!

There's a couple of things that have changed to support Wormholes. Firstly, you'll notice you need to update your Shipyard to level 2 before you can build the Wormhole Generator ship:

Once you've upgraded your shipyard, you can build a Wormhole Generator:

As you can see, it's pretty expensive, but not prohibitively so. Once built, you need to move the generator to a piece of empty space that's not too close to an existing star. If you try to select a spot that's too close, you'll get a red circle like below indicating you need to choose a different area:


If there's no red circle, you're good to go. Click move and wait.

Managing your wormhole

Once the wormhole is in place, it doesn't actually do anything until you "tune" it to a destination wormhole. Open up the new wormhole and click on "Tune Destination". You'll see a list of all the other wormholes your alliance owns:

You can see at the bottom of this dialog is an indicator of the time it will take to tune. The very first time you tune a wormhole, the tuning time is instant. After that, tune time is 2 hours for the next tuning, then 4 hours, 9 hours, 16 hours and so on. After two weeks, the tuning time resets to 2 hours.

If the wormhole is tuning, you cannot send fleets through it, and you'll get an indicator of how long is left before the tuning completes.

Once the wormhole is tuned to a destination, you can send fleets through it by selecting them at the bottom and clicking "Enter". Travel through a wormhole is instant and you can use the "View Destination" button to switch to the destination wormhole.

Behaviour of fleets with allies

Another important change in this update is the one you can see in the picture above. Fleets which belong to empires in your alliance will not attach each other. This means you can now seen troop to re-enforce your buddies, but it also means you can send fleets through your wormholes without worrying about whether your allies will attack you or not.

Note that if you leave an alliance, your wormholes may still be tuned to their wormholes (and vice versa), so that's definitely something to be aware of!

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