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Hey guys. Is anyone else struggling to login? It keeps getting stuck on authenticating or ...
started by Andara
I have occasionally been have trouble logging in as well.
started by Old Valyria
I am still banned, atm, WopWop. GC is awfully quiet these days, so I assume Im not the only one who ...
started by Carney's
Having a higher pop. also increases your production of resources (I.e. food, minerals)
I have been banned as well.
started by Carney's
I am also having a similar problem. When I log in the game crashes right away unless I press the ...
I like this idea, Hexan!
started by hexan
started by Gagohj
I would like to see a map of the universe outside of the game. As the current in-game map is buggy ...
I would like to see different types of combat ships. Adding frigates, destroyers, cruisers, and ...