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Can I asked that this be stickied and linked? I have been looking for a place for raw numbers so I can make everything as efficient as possible. 

Would also help a new person have a cental place to start instead of having to sift through the forums

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somebody want to tell me where the help section is? All that stuff Hexen was talking about?

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These are the same Help Topics Hexan listed above (actually, on page 1 of this topic), but I added a hyperlink to each topic for easier access.  - Mentaz

Welcome-Image Version


Using the Starter Kit   

War Worlds Chat and Conduct 

Compatibility/Congeniality Index and The Solar Display      

The Galactic Display   

The Galactic Display - Part 2: The Numbers

Colonizing - Seizing the Stars

Colonies - Subjugate and Build

Star Types and Coordinates

The Planet Types and Conditions

The Natives

Building Types

Building things in War Worlds

Building Things - Part 2

Adjusting your War World view

The Blue Quasi-Console

Swiping WW

What is SitRep?

Intel - the Scouting Report

The Building Button

Focus and Colony Activity

The Level 1 Ships of War Worlds

Taking Ships to the Next Level...

Boosted Flight

Attack and Battles

Combat and Rule-of-Thumb

Stance and First Encounters

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