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The game as we know it is very very well made and could become somthing wonderful and

injoyable for all.. . I am here to introduce a game in which the goal of collecting more active players

for "WW" to where we fight for the control of the game.. .

the game as we know it is huge and with that an almost unlimited range of rule but the map has only about 11% of it completly controlled and this is great but its also kinda not for one you can keep expanding and grow and help others that join but eventaully this gets boring because your not fighting for it and or only growing.

The people of WW have a code that is only attack those that will not nigotiate and or will not comply

this is a great way of thinking but if we only attack people that we dont agree with and never attack for our best interest of either being #1 or ruler of WW.. . What im basically saying is that in order to keep players active we need to have an area that the top 3-4 alliance start off in and try fight against to win that area and the winners can control fmore space and win money for their alliance to expand this will cause players to be more active so that the game seems less dead. The game will need a serious updating aswell but since there is an unlimited amout of space this couses people to believe that the game is unpopular and boring because their is no wars accuaring in the area they are spawned.

The point of games is to inspire challenges and make it harder for players to grow and to expand.. .

Thats what makes the games in life fun. But without this the games are more or less boring.

We need war games the war games insure that players stay active and that the game remains fun.

players wil keep their main starter locations and continue to expand as they wish but what we need is the game to be narrowed down to a sertain area so that not just everyone is building and expanding at random its coatic and induces inactivity.. .

unless we are bunched together anytime soon so we can start producing more ways of survival and have fun the game is more or less boring.. .

We all need to move players closer so we can have fun and more action but not to worry if your a player who is under attack and does not wish to lose everything all you need to do is surrender and be placed under a Nap ALLIANCE and or just dont attack and you wont be attacked and if you wanna attack but dont wanna lose everything we will have times to where we will nigotiate terms of surrender bc nobody wants to lose everything this makes it more fair and fun instead of wiping people out for area to control and for dominate control... Nobody gets wiped out completly and if your active and strong or put the time in you will win. When a man has patience and skill he can do anything.. .