Remove the 5000 ship limit

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We all play this game obsessively, and it takes a lot of time to do well.   That's fine.    The needless micromanagement can be cut massively with one change : abolish the 5000 ship limit.

We want our systems busy building something - but the longer you play, the more systems you get, and you end up unable to keep them all busy.     I've been trying to get 120 day long queues set up, but for some systems it takes forever to make that many 5000 ship queues.     It would be preferable to do it in one action, instead of 20+.

This would also help in that less requests are made of the server.    I bet half your server load is long time players hitting build over and over again.

I think the 5000 ship limit is a consequence of some kind of overflow bug - if you build enough ships, they complete instantly.   The band-aid is keeping me from playing, given the other problems with the game, and it seems this needs fixing at the source - stop the overflow from happening.

It could also work to increase the limit to a more useful figure.   I tested fighter production and they don't insta-complete until you queue 12 million.    Perhaps set a simple limit of 1 million instead of 5000 and problem is also solved.

I know I'm not going to play much until this is dealt with - it's just not fun to play this way.    The long-rumored auto colony management might also solve the problem.  

Thank you for your time.

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I agreed with this.

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