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Biosheres And New Game Structure

We need to be able to create more Biosheres and to be able to hold more population per planet.This just a game and i understand but logical,the game would excell if we can get up to 6 billion population which doing this will have to place a Experince  system in which the higher your Experience.....((WHICH DOING THIS WILL NEED RANKS SO THAT PEOPLE WILL THRIVE TO GET))....the higger your rank and the more plants you can colonize.And create some planets that will just boost your resource production or population but make them very complicated to take over lik by placing 50k fighters or 500k in them....Players will then be interested in striving to take them and boast about it to their friends.....And like install a source of getting money...I prefer a shop where you can buy boost with diamonds,Gold etc that you can only get by purchasing with actually real money.....Also more buildings...military bases to limit the amount of troops per planet,also input that the troops you build deducts food from your food income.Also input farms,mines,hospitals and nuclear power plants and missiles((to have competition between players input that to have one nuclear plant deducts 200k minerals per hour))Its guaranteed players will love this game,we're looking for amusedment and war.I will update more later on but for the time being i will work on getting more ideas from players.."I Am Become Death,Destroyer Of Worlds"Oppenheimer"