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The game is very well made. its firewall can withstand breaches via hacks and other virus type software that ccould be uplaoded into the server data base. clearly dean took the time to create a fair and safe game for people of all ages to injoy.. . but the google in app purchases are subseptible to hacks like luckypatcher.

Yes the game is very well made and dean put alot of idea into making this gme like anyother great game programmer would but the game needs serious updating for new players to join and stay.. .

The game could call the in game money$$$ Credits and add a new decal for it and could also add new rss= resources in the game like for example, Thorium=Ship Full, Uranium=Power,Titanium=Metals,Water,Food all on one screen and i am aware that "Food,Water" are already included. They will all be used for ship building and building creation also planet "RSS" power is to power civ on planet and or buildings... The ships could also use updating the ships look too unrealistic for space travel by my apenion if you could fix that it wouldmake the game more interesting and fun also!

the game needs an alliance limit having 70% of all players in one alliance is unheard of outside of this game for the "most part"... the game should have a limit of about 300-400 players and the game should have events go on so people can earn RSS. the game should also have a few iteams for percase with in game credits.. We also need Ship boost and more ships added to the game and also ship equipment ext.

the game could also have the full system showing on the map of all the stars and also zoomed in on the palnets and should have them on timers so they move every couple of hours plz also add a coordinate search plan box and also when players first start off give them the ability to move their star 1-2 times instead of having to pay to keep moving/reseting... and get rid of the click on someone and find their location in real life you cant just find another life without searching hard for it... I will be back soon to post more but for now i must leave...