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You know there is currently only 7 building you can build in war world now.This is quite boring so i have an idea for new buildings that you would be able to build.Okay,so here the list:  

-Mineral mine:This building allow you to increase the taxes of your colony generated and also increase the mineral generated in the colony.In level 1 the building will generate 250$ taxes and increase the mineral mined by 50.If upgrade it will generated twice the money and mineral in the previous level.Such as if you upgrade it to level 2 it will increase to 500$ taxes and 100 mineral.In level 3 it will generate 1000 $ taxes and 200 mineral.Also you can build it infinitedly

-Farming complex:This building allow you to increase taxes produced by colony to 100$ and food production by 50.However,just like the mineral mine,if upgrade it will increase the taxes and food production twices the previous level of the building.Also you can build the building with unlimited number.

-Ship Storage:This building allows you to increase the number of ship allowed in each stars.When first constructed it will increase the ship allowed will be increase by 1000.When upgrade it will be twice the first level of the building.Which means if it reach level 5 it can increase the number of the ships allowed in star by 5000.

-Weapon Factory:This building will increase the number of upgrades allowed by troop carrier,scouts and fighters.Although it cannot increase the number of upgrades in colony ship and wormhole generator.If upgrade the number of upgrades allowed in ships will increased.

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My two cents:

I like the building ideas but I can see an issue with balance. Yes, as is when you start out, it's slow going. I just started a few days ago and am just finishing colonising my home star now.

There would have to be a limit to them I would think (Mineral mine, Farming complex), otherwise they would just keep growing and growing and completely unbalance the entire game. Older players would just simply stomp new players with their out of control production. 

The ship storage makes sense to me actually. Being more passive they wouldn't affect the game other than possibly making it really tough to crack an opponents defences with 5k fighters sitting in hiding. Maybe limit it to one per system, or have an upkeep cost per unit stored. This would allow players to adopt a more turtle style gameplay as well, allowing for different strategies ;) Conversely though, there would have to be a sort of "mass attack" command implemented so players could have multiple plantets send their fighters to meet up in a system and then attack so it doesn't become cumbersome to attack a turtling player.

Weapons factory makes sense too :) it would just expand a tech-tree.

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