The War Worlds forums are a place to discuss various aspects of the game. I currently don't have a moderation policy or "rules" as such, I just ask that people try to stay on-topic and be polite. I think we can all be grown-ups here.

If you enjoy the game, I would encourage you to log in using the same Google Account that you use to play the game, so that we can link your persona on the forums to your in-game Empire.


Where I post announcements about War Worlds.
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1.0.1030 - New troop carriers and redesign of the colony screen


A place to show off your War Worlds-related creativity!
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Unknown Soldier's Journal 2


A forum for general discussion about the game.
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Pboxed again

Design Ideas

A place to discuss your design ideas for the game.
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Decommissioning/scrapping ships and recovering costs


If you're interested in getting involved in development of War Worlds, this is the place to begin.
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Taking a bug report