Attacking Colonies

As always, we get a notification when the troop carriers we started building last time completes.

Again, we try to move them to the destination star, but again we see there's not enough cash. Luckily, the build of the Colony Ship and Troop Carriers took long enough that there's plenty of taxes to collect.


Moving the Troop Carriers takes a while, so we can do other things while we wait. Maybe scout another star, maybe send troop to one that we scouted before. No reason we have to concentrate on only one thing at a time!


Attacking Colonies

When the move is complete, as with everything, we get a notification.

When we go into the star, and select an enemy colony, we get an indication of the defence level of the colony. Attacking colonies is quite simple: if you have more troop carrier's than the colony's defence value, you win; if you don't, you lose.


Our attack is greater than their defence, so we win. You can see below the colony is gone and the planet is now available for us to colonize.


We lost a few troop carriers in the process, but that's to be expected.

End Game

This brings us to the end of the Getting Started guide. But attacking native colonies is nothing at all like attacking real players: you're going to need to come up with your own strategies and your own playing style.

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