Colonizing Planets

As we left off last time with the Colony Ship building, we'll get a notification when it finishes.

Now, we want to move the colony ship to the new star, we tap on the notification to get to the Situation Report, and on the "Construction Complete" entry to bring up the fleet list. However, when we try to move the colony ship to Amasius, we see a problem:

Notice the cost is displayed in red: this means we don't have enough cash to make this move. So we need some more cash, but how do we get it?


The most common way of getting cash is through taxes. Your colonies generate taxes in proportion to the population (higher population generates more taxes), but we have to go and collect it every now and then. If we go to the Colonies tab on the Empire screen, we'll be able to collect taxes from the colonies. Select the colony, tap "Collect taxes", select the next colony and so on. Now we'll have enough cash to move the colony ship.


As you can see, moving a colony ship takes quite a long time, so while we wait we can also start building the Troop Carriers, which will need when it comes time to attacking the native colonies.

Troop Carriers

Troop carriers are used to attack colonies. We'll see how this works in more detail in a later session, but for now lets just build a big bunch so that they'll be ready when we are. So we'll go back to our colony and build 100 troop carriers.

So this will also take quite some time, so we come back when the colony ship's move is complete.


As always, we get a notification when the move is complete.

We already know how to colonize planets: we did it way back in the first session. Simply select the planet and click the Colonize button, we'll be set up with 100 population and a default focus.


Once colonized, we see that our new colony also shows up on the starfield view.

We're almost towards the end of this getting started guide. Next time, we'll see what we can do once the Troop Carrier we started off building completes.

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