After the second session, we left off with our fighters building. After a few hours, you'll get the notification that construction is complete:

If we tap that notification, we'll be taken to the fleet list on our star, with the new fleet alredy selected for us. Attacking is very easy: make sure the fleet's stance is "Aggressive" (otherwise they won't attack on sight), and them move them to the enemy star.


We'll have to wait for the fleet to arrive, when it does, we'll get another notification that the move is complete and that our fleet was victorious (i.e. it survived the other fleets attacking it and is now the only one left). If we tap the notification, or open up the Situation Report, we can bring up the combat report that shows us exactly what happened during combat.

Combat Report

Combat in War Worlds runs in rounds, of a minute each. At the beggining of each round, each fleet that's involved in the combat fires on the fleet they have targetted. All fleets get an equal opportunity to fire, then the damage is calculated. Currently, there's only one kind of fighter in the game, but different fighters can have different attack/defence capabilities which describes the amount of damage they deal/can take.

We see above that our fleet took four rounds to destroy the enemy, and we have about 24 ships left at the end.

If this were a human player, we'd have to worry about them constructing new fleets of ships, or bringing in ships from other stars to defend their colony. But native colonies don't do that, so the airspace around this star is now safe for us to brining in colony ships and troop carriers.

Colonizing Planets

We cannot colonize a planet while there's an enemy colony on there, so the first thing we can do is decide whether any of the other planets are good for a colony. If not, we'd have to first destroy the enemy colony before we can send through a Colony Ship. Looking at the planets left on our star here, though, we can see there's a pretty good candidate in this planet:


So, we'll leave the native colonies alone (for now) and build a Colony Ship to come and colonize this planet. Colony Ships are quite expensive (in terms of time/minerals required and also fuel costs for moving between planets) so we'll only build one.

We'll wait for that to complete, and then come back when it's finished.

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