Building and Construction

I assume you've already finished the first session, and you've got a notification that your fleets arrived at the star you sent them to?

You'll also notice that the fleets not only completed the move, but they were attacked and destroyed. This is because stars will generally have a "native" population, who will have fleets of their own. You'll want to destroy those fleets before sending your colony ships to colonize the planet, otherwise they'll just be destroyed, too.

Luckily for us, scouts are able to send through a report before they're destroyed, and that's available to us in a couple of places. Firstly, if we tap on the notifications, we'll come through to the "Situation Report" (which you can also get to by tapping "Sit. Rep." from the starfield view):

The situation report contains a history of every significant event that happens to our empire (such as buildings completed, fleets destroyed and so on). You can tap the "Move Complete" entry to bring up the report that the scout generated for us. Alternatively, you can select the star you're interested in from the starfield view, and tap the "Intel" button. Either way, that brings up the Scout Report:


The star Nicaelenst looks easiest, since there's only one colony and one fleet. But lets go for the slightly more dificult one, Amasius, because it's got a couple of colonies (but still only one fleet: we're quite lucky, native stars can have up to 4 or 5 fleets sometimes, obviously the bigger the fleets the more of our own ships will be required to defeat them!)

So we head back to our home star, and we want to build a fleet of fighters to take out these fighters. First of all, we need to adjust the focus on one of the planets so that it can focus on construction. Be sure not to remove all focus on mining in the process, because we will also need minerals to build with!

Then, tap on the Build button to bring up the Build screen.


The Build screen is broken up into three tabs, one for buildings, one for ships and one for the build queue. You can see in the Ships tab that we cannot build anything because they all require a Shipyard first ("Shipyard" is in red, indicating it is an unmet depedency). The Buildings tab is split up into Existing Buildings and Available Buildings. We initially have no existing buildings, so that list is empty. We'll want a Shipyard, though, so tap that under "Available Buildings" to bring up the build window:

The build window gives a brief description of the building, as well an idea of the amount of resources and time required. The time requirement is only an estimate (and not a very good one, usually, since it assume you never run out of minerals), so when we tap "Build" to confirm the building, then go to the "Queue" tab we can see the building in the queue to be built. Tapping the building brings up te progress dialog:


In this case, you can see the estimate was pretty close, because we won't actually run out of minerals. If we don't want to wait the 42 minutes, you can tap the "Accelerate" button, where we see it'll cost $35 to halve the time taken to build. You can Accelerate multiple times, each paying a little bit of cash, in order to finish building pretty much straight away. We have enough cash, so let's do that.

Whether you waited the 40-odd minutes, or whether you accelerated the building, either way you'll get a notification when construction is complete. You can tap this notification to be taken straight to the planet it was built on. But since we just accelerated it, we're already in the correct planet's build window, so we can just go to the "Ships" tab and start building our fighters.


As we recall, Amasius had 15 fighters orbiting it, so we'll build 30 just to be on the safe side. You could probably build fewer (which would take less time as well) but it's always best to be safe than sorry. It'll take about 4 hours to build the ships (you can see the estimate was wrong because we do run out of minerals this time -- the time remaining on the Queue tab is accurate, assuming we don't adjust focus or build anything else in the meantime (if we do, then the time remaining on the Queue tab will be updated)).

Rather than accelerating this build, which will be fairly expensive for this amount of minerals, we'll just wait the four hours and come back when the build is complete.

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